Collision Estimate Service


 Produced by: Gordon McIntyre, Supreme Autobody, Red Lake, Ontario CANADA

I own and operate a small autobody repair shop and could not find an estimating program that was not either 'too large' or 'too expensive', so with the help of a friend, (thanks Jim) and learning the art of programming,  I decided to make my own and is made for the windows operating  system. 

It is not tied to a database, you enter in your information from your collision estimating manuals. All the totals are calculated, material charges automatically added. Two taxes are allowed for my fellow Canadians

The program prints out a nice looking Estimate, either in hours or dollars, a Technician Work Order, a Parts Order Sheet,  and a Thank-you letter that can be sent to your customers after repairs have been completed.

              Example Pictures:

                 Click  on the menu above to see the Main Entry Sheet, Estimate Sheet or Summary Page

 Because of the file size limitations of my web site provider, the program must be  downloaded in 2 parts.  Each part when unzipped will prompt you to extract the  files into a folder called C:\DemoTemp

                    Download:     setup1.exe                                      


 This will download Version 1.35

 If you have a previous version, please check the version number on your start-up screen.


                    Setup Instructions.

 After you download the 2 files, double click it.
It will ask you to unzip the setup files to a directory called C:\DemoTemp
Click on "START" then "RUN" in the run box type
"C:\demoTemp\setup" (less the quotes of course).

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact me via email at


 Thank you for your interest in this program.

          Gordon McIntyre       









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